Monday, August 1, 2011

Lack of Inspiration

I have not posted in quite some time, both because things have been busy and because they haven't been very busy. Writing I've been doing a lot of, and that's something I'll go into further detail about in the future. Not having a job makes me feel guilty when I blog, and I am currently not working, so you can see how that goes. I did have a housekeeping job, but they fired me on July 4th. That's a great way to say Happy Birthday to your country!

Jobless humor aside, I started this blog because I was living in an area with relatively little well known paranormal happenings. Now, I am living in one of the "most haunted" cities in the US. Guess where I found more things to write about? It isn't here, that's for sure. Whenever I google St. Augustine and any keywords such as ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, etc, the main things that come up are ghost tours. There are about five different companies with ghost tours in this city. Plenty of tours, but where are all of the ghosts? I haven't gone on any of these tours yet, but I've been on ghost tours in other cities and I'm willing to bet that most of what happens on them is history telling. Which is great, who doesn't love some bloody history? A few of these tours are run by actual paranormal investigators, it would be really cool to get to interview them some day for Mass Horror.

So how is it that I'm living in this haunted city, and the only thing that google brings up are history telling tours, whereas when I lived in a normal city, there were ghosts and demons running amok all over? Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Well, I know I'm not, as when you're unemployed it is difficult so justify spending time and money running around playing ghost busters, especially when there are lots of other people who are doing the same and getting paid for it. Ah well, such is life. Hopefully my next entry will have something more worth reading for you. I have uncovered some interesting sea monster stories, so you better love cryptids as much as I do, you'll be getting an eyeful.

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