Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seven Nights of Terror: The Rite review

The Rite

The Rite is the story of a young man, named Michael, who finds himself with only two choices in life: become a mortician, or become a priest. As he cannot bear to be near his father, he chooses the latter. After nearly completing four years of Seminary school, he realizes that he made the wrong choice and sends a letter of resignation to his Father Superior. However, FS is not going to let him go so easily. Especially not when there's a shortage of exorcists.

A lot of excorcism movies are just terrible, and not scary at all. This one was a big more classy than most. The video quality was decent and so was the acting. Anthony Hopkins as always did a splendid job. Visual effects near the end were pretty good as well. The plot really grabbed and held my attention, which is a rare thing these days. Overall, I give it 4/5 Skulls.

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