Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review: Feed


As a bribe to get to use the computer more often, my boyfriend took me to Barnes and Noble a few days ago so I could get a book. Initially, I wasn't looking for anything about zombies, or even really horror for once. However, this is Florida. There's not as big of a selection as I'm used to. When I passed by Feed it was facing forward and stuck out more than most of the books there. After a quick glance at the back of book, we bought it.

Feed is the story of a brother and sister team, George and Shaun, who blog about life after the "rising". It's been over 25 years and life has gotten back to being about as normal as it can be when everyone is infected with a disease that turns them into a flesh eating ghoul after they die (or if they exchange bodily fluids with someone whose infection is "live"). When George, Shaun, and their friends get chosen to cover the next presidential campaign, their love for the truth and each other is the only thing separating them from the rest of the crazy world.

My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally books, especially books about zombies start off slow. Not so, this one starts off right in the middle of the action, watching brother and sister haul ass and out run a horde of the living dead. As the story unfolds, you learn more about their world and the initial outbreak, as well as the mystery that is leaving people they know and love undead. The end was a real shocker, and I can't wait to go get the sequel when I can.

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