Monday, July 5, 2010

West Yarmouth, Shadow People

This is from a Gaian called 'The Silent Passer'

Here in West Yarmouth, up the road from my house is where my friend Mike lives. His ancestors were the makers of some of the best wine in the world, nothing to famous but enough that he has a rather big house. He takes the basement as his own room. The house is on the side of a hill so when you go behind it you can see it the basement from behind a glass sliding door. So when you're looking from this door/window you can see the lake at the bottom of the hill. Now he tells me not that the proporty is haunted but the lake itself. So instead of your average ghosts his house is homed to another supernatural creature, shadow people. (But there are also ghosts) (If you EVER heard any thing like this please post abot it : D ) Shadow people are like regular ghosts but A) Cant take form B) Cannot do harm C) Less powerful. Though they can be casted out without an exorsism. Crystals setup at a small square perimeter can keep them out of the area they are surronding. I dont know much about them but I know enough from stories and experiences. Once me and my best friend Kadeem were staying over to just hang. So eventually Mike falls asleep while we're still up playing COD. When down the hall we hear tapping. We paused to hear it was the shower and the shower and the faucet in the bathroom going on and off. We don't panic on account of already knowing about these types of things. In quest for attention the water starts to run more and more. We ignore it and I fall asleep 2 hours later. I wake up in the morning to listen to my friend kadeem tell me about how it got so loud that the shower door (Those glass ones that slide) kept opening and closing and that the door even slammed once. Though thats nothing compared to the stories I've heard about but wasn't there for.

So my friends River and Kadeem are staying over Mikes house. All is going good, video games, talking about girls, eating MANLY food, ect. But Kadeem always being the one ready for a haunting starts to hear a particular... nudging. It started to get loud, enough to tuge at the back of his mind to he looks to the right of himself the the sliding door. There he saw a ghost, one eye missing, the other one dangling out of its socket. The ghost was in a ripped up suit with gashes all over its body. Immediently he freezes and can't stop from staring. The ghost pushed its face up against the door, dragging its face towards the handle. The blood making it easier to slide across. It stopped in front of the handle and hit its hand on the door. Just in time Mike and River look over to witness the horror. All three stare in silent fear. Then instead of gripping the handle, it pulls back its head and SLAMS it's face into the door going through it. The figure faded away by the time the torso made it through.
I've heard my brother talking about seeing shadow people before. Interesting phenomenon.

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