Friday, July 2, 2010

Penny Road, Saugus, MA


I've heard it again and again, the story of an old man who lives at the end of Penny Rd. in Saugus. Supposedly he killed his entire family and got put on house arrest. He sits by his window with a shotgun, and if you go onto his property, he'll shoot you. Just hearing this tale, you can easily count it as a myth. We can probably safely presume, that if you kill your entire family, your sentence will be much worse than house arrest. Even if you were under said confinement, there's no way in hell they'd allow you a gun. The reality of the situation, is that there IS an old man that lives at the end of Penny Rd. If you set foot on his property, an alarm will sound and you'll likely be arrested for trespassing. So much for that.

There's another story about Penny Rd. This one perhaps a bit more believable than the first, depending on your belief system. There was a little boy killed by a car on Penny Rd. It is said that if you drive by at night, you'll see him running through the trees, or standing on the road. I've driven here many a time at night, and never have I seen any such boy. I also haven't been able to uncover any news stories about a boy being killed there. If you have any information, feel free to post it in the comments!

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